08 Jan

44th exchange with Mill Hill School

Here’s a photo of Mr Eude welcoming our students who will be taking part in the 44th exchange with Mill Hill School. We have actually been running exchanges with Mill Hill School since 1967 and we do hope the tradition will go on. Mill Hill is a prestigious public school (link: Millhill.org.uk) and the parents of our students still have vivid memories of their stay there !!!…


Mr Eude warmly welcomed our « Ambassadors » and focused on the importance of foreign languages today , not only English but also German, Italian and Spanish which are taught in our school. This is why exchanges are run and trips abroad are encouraged every year.


This is also why we have a bilangue section from year 6 onwards and a European section from year 8 onwards. We also give our lycée students the opportunity to take part in the « Région Langue Program » which takes place at the end of June every year. We  encourage trips abroad (our first -year pupils went to Trier last December) and visits from foreign students (Students from Norway next ……..).


As you can see, we try to offer our students the best opportunities to become bilingual and …why not ? …triligual ?