22 Juin

Région Langues : compte rendu complet de la semaine d’immersion

Monday, June 11th


After dancing hip hop and Irish folk, singing and acting, the students started customizing their T-shirts for Friday’s Talent Show: they really enjoyed it and were amazingly creative and motivated from the very first day !

Tuesday, June 12th


The students made up their own graduation hats for Friday’s Talent Show and cooked typical Irish scones for the whole group.


Wednesday, June 13th
This morning’s activities were dedicated to sports: badminton and table tennis in the school yard, due to the nice weather.
After lunch, everyone went bowling and a lot were brilliant at striking the skittles.
Finally, the evening gave the opportunity to play a great popular game called Bingo and some won one line, two lines and the full house.
Well done for the various performances!

Thursday, June 14th
To start with, the Région-Langues trainees had the opportunity to take up challenges such as tongue twister competitions and karaoke battles, which taught them a great sense of team spirit.
Afterwards, all of them made up their own photo stories – an enjoyable writing exercise which was based upon the pictures taken throughout the week.
Later on, the groups swapped activities: while some were practising tennis with a Scottish teacher, others were dancing to Irish music, cooking or finishing their JP books.

Friday, June 15th
The students rehearsed all morning to get ready for the Talent Show in the afternoon.
the Show was an outstanding performance:
we attended a Garden-Party, we beheld celebrities such as the Queen, we saw actors, singers and hip hop, country and Irish dancers.
The show ended with a graduation ceremony, a prize-giving, and a farewell drink that students, parents, natives and colleagues enthusiastically shared together.
It was an amazing experience thanks to everyone’s hard work!