06 Juil

Région-Langues : une semaine d’immersion en anglais

Monday Summary (27th June) :

We arrived at 9 am and waited until everyone came. Then we all met in the common room where they explained the time table of the day. We came after that in four different groups with our own teacher. But before that, we passed a quiz on the different presentations on the states we had. The quiz determined who our teacher was. After this announcement we ate in the « self ». In the afternoon, we came into our class to start designing our t-shirts. Then we had an activity, which was tennis. The tennis teacher explained us basic words to play tennis in English. Finally, we came back to school to finish designing t-shirts.

The Red Eagles


Day 2 Summary (28th June) :

On our second day at « boarding school », we were on a farm to talk about bison.  We learned a lot of things about Native Americans’ life, bison hunting and what they used from the bison to survive in the past, like using their skins for teepees or their bones for kayaks. After the lesson we visited an animal park on an army vehicle where we saw a lot of deer and bison. When it was time to come back to school, everybody was sleeping on the bus. After the afternoon tea, we competed in a tennis challenge and the winner was The Black Tigers. Great job everyone !


Day 3 Summary (29th June) :

Today was our third day at Region Langues. In the morning we did a bison quiz about what we learned yesterday and, like the other days, we lost…. Then, we sung our team song which is « Survivor » by Destiny’s Child.

For lunch, we ate pizza, it was delicious ! After lunch we played some games with our wonderful teacher Adam.

Later, we went bowling all together. That was very funny, but we walked a long way. Now, it’s finally time to eat !

See you soon,

Love from the Black Unicorns


Day 4 Summary (June 30) :

This morning, we woke up early, some at 6 o’clock, others at 7. We ate breakfast before waiting for the leaders. Then we played Bingo. It was to remember the vocabulary for yesterday’s bowling. The Red Sloths did not win bowling bingo. We won nothing, that’s too sad. But no matter, we had fun together ! We had different challenges with all the teams. We lost those, too. We played unpredictable games. The first game was called « The Human Knot. » Then, Kiwi Challenge. After, we were blindfolded and someone guided us through obstacles. The last game we had to walk on newspapers across the court. Nobody won the last game. After lunch, we cooked chocolate chip cookies and Victoria Sponge cake. We ate these treats at tea. In the afternoon, we worked on the final tasks for Friday. Now we have dinner and will have a party after. Goodbye ! Have fun !

The Red Sloths