03 Nov

My astonishing experience at the Jean-Paul II College

This week I visited the Jean-Paul College for two days. In this days I learned a lot about the french school system. The biggest difference between Jean-Paul II and my school is that Jean-Paull II uses less electrical equipment than my school. I only saw papers and books on the tables. In my school we work a lot with laptops and electronic chalkboards. Another distinction is that Jean-Paul II is much more strict then the school I go to. For example : when there is the lunch break students are not allowed to go outside unless they have a special writing from their parents, Justine told me. In my school we can go outside whenever we want if we have no lesson. I really liked the mindset of the students at Jean-Paul II. Everybody is paying good attention and are participating in the lessons. I think the students at my school can learn a lot from the students of Jean-Paul II. The students and the professors were really kind to me. Even though I can’t speak really well french they managed to talk to me in english and also french. I really liked the two days. I was pleasantly surprised about the dutch flag. I felt really welcome. Thank you to everybody who makes this day work for me.

Hajo SCHEPEL, correspondant néerlandais de Justine JOURDAN-SERVAIS, élève de Terminale 1