01 Juil

Secondes EURO : Bristol, Bath and Torquay

Day 1 : Monday, fifth of June / time : 5:30 AM.

In the dark, early morning, we all gathered around something we would come to share for five glorious days : our coach. Riding for long hours amongst morning dew, ferry rides and complications, we finally arrived at Stonehenge. Now I know you may think of it as rocks randomly placed in a circle, and you’re right; but it’s pretty cool… for 5 minutes. Judgments aside, its history is amazing, so go check it out. We then arrived and met our host families, which went smoothly.

Day 2 : Tuesday, sixth of June

At 9:30 this morning, we entered the lovely small town of Bath, brought to us by John Wood Senior and Junior. It is cozy and pretty, and all around interesting. We visited the Roman Baths and Museum, a massive part of history that still lives on today. The baths are grand, and impressive.

PS : do not drink the spa water unless you want to get a stomachache. But rest is important, so a well-deserved three hour break began followed by a tour of the entire town. I can assure you people slept on the way back to their families.


Day 3 : Wednesday, seventh of June

We arrived at the town of Torquay at 10:00 AM, and started off strong with 3 hours of free time, but with one obligation : find all the sites on the Agatha Christie Mile, take pictures, and send all of them to the teacher. The winner would receive a prize. Two teams won and got candy, butI don’t know about you… I was expecting a trophy. Then, the Torquay Museum visit started, it was really cool, from installments about star wars, superheroes, Agatha Christie, to nature and explorers, the list of interests was endless. Then, once again, free time was upon us. Now, I am not Tripadvisor, so giving my genuine advice about Torquay would not be wise. but a tip : only visit the rich parts of town!


Day 4 : Thursday, eighth of June

The last town of our journey in England was Bristol. We were supposed to arrive at 10:00 am, but our predictions failed as we arrived 1 hour before the opening of Brunel’s SS Great Britain Museum. We had a bit of free time : almost everyone gathered in a cute cafe.

The tour of the museum began. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the star of the show, was an architect who built the famous SS Great Britain, as well as railways, tunnels, trains, bridges and other things…I call THAT multitalented. We had a break for lunch and shopping.  Then we took the coach to another part of Bristol, a place where graffiti is most common and well-known, especially since the area has hosted the works of Banksy for a long time. We had a guide who showed us around and explained many things about artists and graffiti. But, speaking from personal experience, beware of loud noises in this part of town.

Next, we entered a building where we had a graffiti workshop : we stenciled beautiful pictures with spray paint, and practiced writing our own tag. It was a new experience for a lot of us.


Day 5 : Friday, ninth of June

The day started out emotionally because we were leaving our host families. I mean, almost all of us were emotional, I, on the other hand, was ready to bawl my eyes out. Unfortunately, it was not a very active day considering we spent the entire day on the road. We arrived safe and sound in our lovely France at 10 pm.

Céleste PATY  (Source : Junon ÉVRARD)